6 reasons why you should live and work in Sweden

The Swedish Formula

What’s the secret sauce behind famous success stories like Spotify, King and Mojang? We believe it has to do with how we build out companies in Sweden. Below we’ve listed the best things about living and working in Sweden.


Sweden has a highly educated and talented population with a strong design and engineering culture. No surprise then that Swedes are ‘early adopters’ of new technology.

Pay It Forward

The region has a large number of successful entrepreneurs that want to help the next generation succeed through mentoring, angel investing and generally being friendly to startups

Gender Equality

It’s not a new concept here, Sweden ranks as one of the world’s most gender-egalitarian countries, based on a firm belief that men and women should share power and influence equally.  Sweden is very pro women and pro family, dating back to the 1970’s women’s rights have been a cornerstone of society, making Sweden an ideal place for female founders to start their company.

Open and Collaborative Atmosphere

Whether you want to go for a coffee to chat about ideas, get feedback on your product or need an intro to an investor. Connecting to good people here is quick and easy.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Sweden has some of the highest productivity coupled with lowest working hours, Swedes get stuff done and have family time. With a high standard of services and cheap rent, Sweden always ranks highly on the quality of life index … and it’s not because of the weather!

Unicorn Farm

The Nordics are hot right now, with 33% of Europe’s billion dollar exits. Investors have a close eye on the Nordics and on the look out for the next unicorns.