Growing Promising Startups in Southern Sweden

To run a startup is an adventure. We want to be a part of that adventure.

We are specialised in helping early stage startups build their first
prototypes, and get the first important users. At the end of the program,
you will be ready to talk to investors to take your startup to the next level.

Did we mention that the program is for free and we don’t take any equity in your startup?









Accelerate your startup today - We give you all the tools you'll need

12-weeks of acceleration

Join our 12-week accelerator program for early-stage startups. You start the program with at least an early prototype and leave ready to receive investment.

Six months free office space

We offer you free office space during the three months with THINK and additional three months after the program.

Access to startup deals

You’ll get full access to the partner and startup deals we’ve got from Google, IBM, Hubspot, Trello, Microsoft and much more. With a total worth of over $300.000

Join our global network

We build a global community around you. Our international advisors and mentors are entrepreneurs and corporate leaders dedicated to getting you to the next level.

World-class mentoring

Entrepreneurs need to be curious. We bring in experts from around the world to give you the knowledge and information you need to succeed internationally.

Meet investors

You keep 100% ownership of your company in our program. At the end of the program, you pitch to a room of investors and you decide who’s worthy of joining your startup.

Sven Paulin2 - Photo Freddy Billqvist
"For us, THINK was the perfect start to our journey. The possibility to work together with great people with different backgrounds and experiences, all solution oriented and with a strong willingness of creating new value while challenging old truths was truly inspiring and valuable. Thank you THINK!"

Sven Paulin | Co-founder & Marketing and Sales at Fieldly
Photo by: Freddy Billqvist


A meeting point for early-stage entrepreneurs. Get coaching, free place to sit, free coffee and wifi. Build your network and work on your idea.

THINK Forward

Specially designed four-week program for early-stage startups and entrepreneurs who want to test and validate their idea to the market.

THINK Accelerate

Our original 12-week program that runs two times per year for startup from all around the world. Meet mentors, pitch to investors and get ready to level up. Apply now!

“I really enjoyed being part of THINK Accelerate. Being part of the program allowed us to take part in some valuable workshops giving us time to reflect and improve how we were running our business. We also met with top entrepreneurs and investors and were really impressed with the level of talent and experts in the area.”

Heidi Lindvall | Co-founder of Storygami

"As a mentor at Think, I share my knowledge and experiences with the entrepreneurs, but I also get inspiration from new business concepts and a great entrepreneurial spirit! My mission is to help even out some of the ”bumps” for the startups on their way to becoming thriving and fast growing companies."

Annette Melander Berg |
CEO & Co-founder of Lightfinder AB, Head of Growth Capital at Connect Region Syd

Here are some promising startups that we have helped.



Access to Justice is what drives this legal tech startup. Swiftcourt is a digital court solving legal disputes online in a quick and easy way.


Storygami Interactive video overlays to enable creators to raise engagement and monetize their online videos.


Fieldly helps construction companies organizing their field work in a much smarter and easier way.
Rescued Fruits

Rescued Fruits

Rescued Fruits Social venture creating new food products from saved fruits.


Bilprospekt is a digital sales tool generating leads for the car industry.


An extensive portal and database for everything car related.
“THINK Accelerate was an amazing experience. What was most striking was that I developed highly valuable skills and experiences on a personal level, which are vital for running a startup and to be fit for leading it through both ups and downs..”

Jakob Gelberg | Co-founder of BIGHEART

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